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Payment Policy:
By registering for classes, you are agreeing to pay in full all tuition and fees associated with your schedule, whether or not you attend classes. Payment for current semester charges, less any certified loans and/or accepted grants and scholarships, is due in full prior to the start of class. All charges are the personal responsibility of the student, who will be held liable should collections actions be necessary.

You can make payment online in the Finances Tab.

It is the responsibility of the Student to ensure the College has a current local address and/or billing address on file. You can update your addresses on the My Profile Tab.

If you withdraw from college you must do so in writing. Please review the Withdraw Policy in the Student Handbook.

Contact the Student Accounts office for more information

Use Section Search Tab to find courses. The *‘Add’* button appears to the right of the course listing when the registration period begins. Click the ‘Add’ button to put a course in your cart. Your spot is not held in a course while it is in your cart. It is only finalized once you have submitted your cart and are confirmed as registered.

If there are no seats available for a class you can click the *‘Wait’* button to be added to the waitlist for that course. Once a seat becomes available, you will be informed by email at your PNCA email address and given 48 hours to register for the course before it is offered to the next person on the list. You will not be billed for a ‘waitlisted’ or ‘waitlist pending’ class, only once your status is registered for the class will you be billed.

To *Drop* a course go to the Register Tab, Courses, then select the Period. Check the correct ‘Drop’ box to the left of the listed courses of which you are registered. Then make sure you have selected the correct course to Drop, as there is no warning, then click the ‘Next’ button to drop the course.

After the Add Drop period ends a student may withdraw from a course prior to the course withdraw deadline. The notation "W" will appear on the transcript but it is not calculated in the G.P.A. Contact the Registration office for more information.